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In 1957 Vaughn Allred iqoption csgo obtained a mineral lease on an area known as Salt Creek, on the Bridger Teton National Forest that surrounds Yellowstone Park. He used several methods to extract this salt to sell for consumption for people and livestock. In his later years and seeing his health fading, he had a strong feeling that family friend Rob Erickson could take this salt operation to the world as he had envisioned during his years of owning the mineral lease. Rob’s strong work ethic and determination payed off as he was able to gain access to the artesian salt spring that iqoption cs go naturally carries Yellowstone Natural Salt minerals to the forest floor. He then branded the name Yellowstone Salt, while expanding the market for this mineral spring water.

Nick Erickson (Rob’s Son) has helped develop the product and operation for FDA standards and expansion into the culinary market. Yellowstone Natural Salt is a family owned business. We support sustainable organic farming and hope you iq option csgo can taste the “organic standard” care we put into Yellowstone Natural Salt. Enjoy the healthy taste of perfection!

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Yellowstone Natural Salt

Our Eco-friendly salt product has an amazing clean, savory taste and unlimited shelf life as well it leaves no carbon footprint to produce

Our salt contains high levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium, additionally it carries many other beneficial trace minerals essential to balancing good health.

Our salt is not mechanically mined by polluting machinery or sourced from our heavily contaminated oceans.
Customer Reviews
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You would think all salt taste’s the same but Yellowstone salt is far and above any other product out there.

We don’t eat anything from the ocean anymore because of all the pollution, so finding something that is organically from the USA has been a wonderful!

I just tried some of YNS’s smoked salt the other day and it was delicious!
We are proud to bring you the new standard for natural mineral salt in the world.
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