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Pure Yelllowstone 6 oz. (Coarse)

Yellowstone Coarse Salt 6 oz.

Pure Yelllowstone 6 oz. (Coarse)

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Amazing flavor, all the minerals of the ocean without the contaminates.

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Yellowstone Natural Salt the ONLY contaminant free salt on the market and  arguably  the only “organic standard” mineral salt product in the world. It’s flavor is amazing! It’s sourcing and story is unrivaled! It has set the purity standard for natural salt products.

Right now there are only 3 ways of sourcing salt

1- Sea Salt:  Its commonly known that there is not one remaining “pristine” area of the ocean left.  We have successfully contaminated ALL of it.  Think about the billions of tons of herbicides, pesticides, crude oil, tsunami trash, radioactive trash, mercury, chemicals, plastic,  and still today barges of household garbage from countries all over the world being dumped into the ocean.   Sea Salt definitely fits the category of things that if you really knew what was in it….you would NEVER eat it again.

2-Mined Salt:   There is a huge misconception about the ‘pink’ colored natural salt products.  The first one is that the pink color means there are more minerals in it.  Did you know that the pink color only comes from an algae that grew in the water as these ancient oceans were evaporating?  How can a deposit of minerals from an ancient ocean have “more” than the minerals of the ocean? (answer: it can’t)  Ever wonder why all sea salt is white and still contains all the minerals of the ocean?

Nitroglycerine!! Ever heard of it? It is one of the most poisonous chemicals known to man.  One drop of it in your system will kill you!  Nitroglycerine is the explosive agent in dynamite, the very same explosives used to mine ALL natural salt products that come from mines.  Deep holes are drilled into the salt every couple feet and this poison is inserted and charged, creating 1000 degree temps and  toxic fumes at extremely high pressure.  The mined salt simply absorbs these contaminants and it would be impossible to “wash” off 100 percent of the poison.   Himalayan salt (mined 100 percent in Pakistan and hundreds of miles from the Himalayan Mountains) or Real salt (mined in central Utah) both are mined using nitroglycerine packed dynamite.   If you’re trying to eliminate poisonous toxins from your life mined salt is not the answer.  If you were able to see the “process” by which these mined salts are sourced, you would likely NEVER eat them again.

3-Yellowstone Natural Salt:  Naturally sourced from pure spring water.  Naturally formed using the sun and a mineral hot springs.  Hand harvested and packaged.  It truly tastes like perfection.

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